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Going to Uppsala this weekend!

TourPosted by Kate 08 Apr, 2010 15:42:34

While the cat is away, the mice dance on the table...

Although our faithfull team mate and hostess in Uppsala, Cissi, is away this weekend, FLC will invade her appartment - and make life living hell for her husband! He will have to butle for the ladies in pink, the poor thing ;)

While we are there, we'll of course do a little shooting as well. Getting ready for Malaga! We'll be giving Sugar Daddys some love, and we expect to get some in return as well :)

Nothing bad about reballs, but - we finally get to shoot real paint again. YEAH!

(Picture not from Uppsala, though...)

HereĀ“s a picture of the field, you feel jealous now ? ;-)


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Posted by John 09 Apr, 2010 20:57:51

Wow... Field looks awsome! Best luck :)

Posted by Freddie 09 Apr, 2010 12:41:30

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah - look so much forward to seeing all of you again, and Koffe of course hehe !

Posted by Sofia 08 Apr, 2010 16:58:26

Haha...at least Koffe will get a great dinner and some redwine on Saturday night if he dares to be home... :-P

Wohoo will be so much fun shooting paint again! :-)

Posted by Freddie 08 Apr, 2010 16:15:21

Poor Koffe - the team stiring up the newlywed life ;-)