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FL Charms

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FL Charms is probably one of the most charming paintball teams you'll ever meet. Keep up to date on where and when you can meet them - on and off the field!

FLC takes fourth place in Basildon!

TourPosted by Cissi 05 Jul, 2010 15:46:17
We took fourth place in the third leg of the Millennium Series! Next time we will make it all the way to the podium!!!!

Hugs & kisses FL Charms

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The Finals

TourPosted by Cissi 03 Jul, 2010 18:18:35
The girls is ones again up against DV8, but this time in the final 16. Goooooo girls!!!

We made it once again, a win against DV8 and we're through to quarter final! Wish us the best of luck for tomorrow!

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Results from first day in Basildon

TourPosted by Cissi 03 Jul, 2010 09:23:46
The charming ladys won their first game in the prelims 4-0 against Action! The second game they unfortunately lost 4-0 to DV8.

Come on and kick some british ass in the next game! smiley

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The Paris event

TourPosted by Cissi 03 Jul, 2009 13:31:25

Right now the girls are at the Millennium Series event in Paris. Sadly I had to stay at home smiley I think I am more nervous now than when I play my self smiley

The charming girls played their first game at 11.30 and smashed the div 1-team Sus Scrofa with 4-0!

The next game are against the SPL-team Copenhagen Ducks 2 at 17.30 and tomorrow they are up against London Shock. During the years we have taken some Proteam scalps so I cross my fingers for yet another!! smiley

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