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We won our two first games!

TourPosted by Mette 01 Oct, 2010 20:51:38
A little update from rainy Paris :)

We won our first game against Monstars 4-3, a really tight match, but we nailed it eventually.

Then we smashed Aix Taz 4 - 0, felt even better smiley

Tomorrow we are playing Manchester Firm at 11.00.

Stay tuned for more updates!



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Looking forward to Paris

TourPosted by Mette 27 Sep, 2010 15:15:56

Hey everyone!
I'm sitting here at work, and can't focuse at all!
Looking sooo much forward to Paris! smiley

The team going to Paris is me, Kate, Sofia, Freddie and Cissi. Louise is going too, giving us mental support and helping us in the pit. And if Freddie's draw-assumptions is right, we're meeting Monstars, Ballistic and Firm 2 in the prelims. Not a bad draw for us!
Would be SO cool to end this season on the podium... We were so close in London, this time we want to go all the way smiley

Anyway, see you down there, and if you are going down on Wednesday, join the party on Wednesday evening smiley There's no party like a charms party! smiley

And for those of you not going, stay tuned, we'll update the blog with pictures and results during the tournament!



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Happy birthday Freddie!

NewsPosted by Mette 06 Feb, 2010 11:02:28

Happy birthday Freddie! Finally you're an adult! smiley

Have an awesome day, missbehave and party like you're still 21 smiley

Big hugs form Mette & Kate smiley

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Mette @ WCA 2009

TourPosted by Mette 03 Dec, 2009 08:31:56

Hey boys & girls! I'm bored at work, so I thought I'd give you a short resume of my trip to World Cup Asia in Kuala Lumpur a couple of weeks ago smiley

Unfortunately Charms didn't manage to put up a team for the WCA, but I was working in Singapore at the time, so I went over anyway. Kinda scary to there all by myself, but a fun experience.

I went over on friday evening after work, so I didn't arrive until late friday night. The guy that was supposed to pick me up at the airport didn't show (Shame on you) so I ended up in a taxi with a taxidriver that didn't speak english, and didn't know where the hotel was. Great start smiley

Anyway, I arrived at the hotel (An amazing hotel by the way) and went down to the lobby bar to see if could find any familiar faces. I didn't find anyone I knew, but paintballers aren't that hard to find, so I spent the rest of the night with Australian team High Rollerz, great guys and girls!

On Saturday I went to the site early. The WCA was supposed to be played on grass, but honestly, all that was left was mud smiley Guess the rain season isn't the best time for a paintball event on grass.

But anyway, I watched some games and hung around the site for a while. The London Shock guys showed up, unfortunately they didn't need me on the team after all. Oh well, more time to drink beer then smiley On Saturday night I went to a japanese resturant with the australians I met the day before, got some pictures from that night that ain't pretty smiley (just imagine a big australian guy in a man-kini. Nuff said)

On Sunday I went to the site again to watch the finals. Off course, I arrived to late to play the all-star-game (No one told me I was supposed to play until AFTER the game, haha)

I also sold my jersey that day, and thats kind of a funny story. I was in the pb-fashion tent, hanging out with Talie, Silvio and some other guys, who were selling pro jerseys (Like, Chris Lasoya and Ollie Langs jersey) Anyway, I sold my jersey for 500 ringdings (about 100 euros or something), and when one of the guys hear that, he just shouts "500 ringdings? Not even Ollie's jersey go for that much! I want a pair of tits too!" Gotta love it smiley

Well, after some more beers and a little swim in the hotel pool, we eventually made it to the players party. And that was a NICE party, I had so much fun. I love beeing a VIP smiley And the best part was, ladies drink for free! (Millennium board, you have something to learn here smiley)

To sum it up, the weekend turned out to be a lot more fun than I had expected, even though it would have been better if I had my girls there. Maybe next year smiley

Well, thats it for now, gotta do some work here smiley See ya!


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Latest updates

UpdatePosted by Mette 03 Sep, 2009 19:12:43

Well, we haven't been updating the blog for a while, so I'll try to give you a quick summary of the last moths.


Paris was nice, really good weather, good food (apart from the foie gras, haha) and we also got the chance to go sightseeing in Paris city centre.

The Paris team: Erika, Louise, Sofia, Kate and Mette

The playing went ok, but we didnt really like the Cup-format. Paying so much money to get ass-whooped by CPL-teams aren't that fun. But hey, we beat 1. division team Sus Scrofa Toulouse 4 - 0 smiley And at least we took a point agaist SPL team Copenhagen Ducks who beat us 4 - 1. smiley

JT Challenge

In the beginning of August we played the second tournament in the JT-Challenge series. We took 2. place last time, and were really keen on winning this.

But, after a tight match against local team B.C.D. we lost the final once again. Too bad, but 2. place isn't bad either. Next time, we'll make it smiley

The JT team: Emma (coach), Louise, Kate, Sofia, Cissi and Mette

And by the way, JT might not be the biggest tournament around, but it certainly has one of the best players parties! Check it out next time youre in the hood smiley

Norwegian Championship (NM)

Two weeks later we played the Norwegian Championship, elite division. We borrowed Freddie from Ducklings, so the NM team was Kate, Mette, Elin, Sofia and Freddie.

We started out good, beating my old team Stormtroopers 3 -0 (check out the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e8Q9AaJ_s0 ) We also got EPK Armageddon 2 - 1, and lost to Solid (can't remember the score)

Anyway, we made it to the finals, were we lost 3-1 to Malera (who won the whole tournament). We got a 5th place out og 16 teams, and were really satisfied smiley It was a FUN tournament with good weather, nice people and players party with barbecue and free beer smiley

Swedish hype

Mette, Sofia and Elin played the hype together with Ivy-girls Benedicte, Silje and Marit. It was fun, but the margins wasn't on our side this Sunday. We won one match against SID, but lost to Sugar Daddys and Lowlife, so we didn't make it to the finals. Sucks. I guess we'll have better luck in Örebro smiley

Thats all for now! Next event is JT Challenge 12th og September, we are going to kick ass, win the shit and party all night long smiley

After that we'll travel to London, were we are going to kick ass, win the shit and party all night smiley (Oh, did I just repeat myself?) smiley

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2. place @ JT Challenge!

NewsPosted by Mette 13 May, 2009 10:44:29

We got 2. place in swedish tournament JT Challenge this weekend! smiley

It was such a great weekend smiley The girls playing were Cissi, Sofia, Elin, Maria, Mette and a hired gun, Marie. We started off 8.00, playing Bullitproof monkeys, we won 4-1, great start. Then we hung around at the site for several hours, before we played Pretorians, a game we won 3-2. Then we played Illussion, won 4-0, and we were in the finals!

In the semi-final we played Frenzy, won, and got to the final, facing Sugar Daddys. It was a tight race, and when there were 40 seconds left of the game the score was 3-2 to Sugar Daddys. We had to take that point, so all the girls ran down the field, and scored a point in 17 seconds! smiley That was so awesome! I hope someone got it on tape! Unfortunately, Sugar Daddys scored the last point, and won. Congratz boys! And thanks alot for the champagne! smiley

Thanks to everyone that made this weekend great, you know who you are smiley

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NewsPosted by Mette 06 May, 2009 22:35:00

To all our norwegian fans and supporters, we are now members of "grasrotandelen"

To support us, send an SMS, "grasrotandelen 984850476" to 2020 or register manually on www.norsk-tipping.no (requires login)

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JT Challenge

TourPosted by Mette 06 May, 2009 21:56:46

We are playing JT challenge in Uppsala this weekend. The field layout is the Bitburg field, so we'll get a lot of good practice before Bitburg smiley Sweet!

Be there, or be square!

(I have no idea what that means, just seen it in movies, haha)

And, by the way, check out Henkes amazing pictures from Malaga!

More good stuff at http://www.paintball.se/gallery/index.php?cat=50

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