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FLC keeps up the good work!

TourPosted by Kate 22 May, 2010 09:19:15
Just got a text from the coach: The girls won their first game of today, 3-1 against Undertakers Liege! Their next game is just in an hour. Will they be playing late this afternoon too, in the finals? I very much think so! Fingers crossed!

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Success on first day in Bitburg

TourPosted by Kate 21 May, 2010 20:00:26

Got a very nice message from the girls in Bitburg: This afternoon they beat our friends from DOW Warberg with 3-2. Erika, our beautiful, blond Lithuanian, were only two meters away from the buzzer and the result 4-2 when the time was up.

A very nice start for the girls! :) The girls on the team are: Mette and Sofia on the snake side - of course! Freddie rules from the back center, while Erika and Cissi rocks the dorrito side. And our new player Sandy fills in whereever she's needed! (more news on her later!)

Our coach Stian from Oslo Menace had to ditch us today, but for a very good reason: The team were playing at the same time and beat Copenhagen Ducks 5-1!

Keep ut the good work, boys and girls! I'm missing you a lot from a suprisingly sunny and warm Oslo (25 degress outside, and it's 8 o-clock in the evening!!!).

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Boobcamp in Uppsala this summer!

NewsPosted by Kate 19 May, 2010 08:42:01

See you in Uppsala 30 July - 1 August (only 20 minutes from Stockholm airport!) - sign up at boobcamp@flcharms.com or join our Facebook group FL Charms for more info!

PS: This time, boys are welcome too!

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GEO keys always comes in handy!!!

TourPosted by Kate 15 May, 2010 22:02:01

On our way to practise this weekend, the plastic protection between the front wheels almost fell off and made a hell of a noise. What are three Charms girls to do? Just jack the car up and bring out the GEO keys and remove the darn thing. Problem solved! :)

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Happy Birthday, Twins!

GossipPosted by Kate 26 Apr, 2010 08:35:06

Happy 29th, Sofia and Cissi ;)

Picture from Afterskiing in Sälen 2010!

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Back home again!

TourPosted by Kate 22 Apr, 2010 17:53:58

What an absurd weekend of paintball and travel! We are all finally back home - after the storm in Malaga and the islandic volcano trying to keep us there.

The Norwegians got home after a 44-hour bus drive through Spain, France, Holland, Germany and Denmark and then 15 hour voyage from Copenhagen to Oslo. The Danes got away with the 44 hour bus drive and the Swede had an extra train and car trip too. But our poor Lithuanian had the WORST travel, both to and from:

TO: Plane from Vilnius to Copenhagen, rental car to Berlin, then Munic and then plane to Malaga - just in time for our delayed first game.

FROM: Train to Madrid first, then to Milan, got on a plane to Riga (I think) and then a 300 km drive back to Vilnius...

I guess we can pronounce the FLC winner of the "stuck-by-the-ash" trip to be Erika!

Here are some pictures from our "amazing" bus trip ;)

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Malaga hates us

TourPosted by Kate 17 Apr, 2010 16:40:09

After standing around in the rain for the second time around today, the Millennium board finally called off all today's games at about half past one. As we were walking home, the lightning stopped, the clouds lifted and at about three, we could go out for a swim and some sunbathing by the pool.

Isn't it ironic?

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More news from Malaga

TourPosted by Kate 17 Apr, 2010 11:59:22

It's a waiting game... Patience is the best skill for a Millennium paintballer at the moment!

We spend yesterday afternoon and evening waiting to play our 3 o'clock game. It got pushed back several times, because our opponent were playing a game on another field. Finally, when we were supposed to play, it was to dark on the Div 2 and Div 1 field, and we felt the conditions were unsafe to play in the floodlight. Result: God vs. Millennium - round 2: 3 - 0

This morning we were scheduled to play our 3 o'clock game at 7.30, but there was a blizzard. We just got a message from the Millennium, saying games will start right now. Pray the lightning won't strike us, cause it's right above us!

Pictures will come!

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