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Success on first day in Bitburg

TourPosted by Kate 21 May, 2010 20:00:26

Got a very nice message from the girls in Bitburg: This afternoon they beat our friends from DOW Warberg with 3-2. Erika, our beautiful, blond Lithuanian, were only two meters away from the buzzer and the result 4-2 when the time was up.

A very nice start for the girls! :) The girls on the team are: Mette and Sofia on the snake side - of course! Freddie rules from the back center, while Erika and Cissi rocks the dorrito side. And our new player Sandy fills in whereever she's needed! (more news on her later!)

Our coach Stian from Oslo Menace had to ditch us today, but for a very good reason: The team were playing at the same time and beat Copenhagen Ducks 5-1!

Keep ut the good work, boys and girls! I'm missing you a lot from a suprisingly sunny and warm Oslo (25 degress outside, and it's 8 o-clock in the evening!!!).

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