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Back home again!

TourPosted by Kate 22 Apr, 2010 17:53:58

What an absurd weekend of paintball and travel! We are all finally back home - after the storm in Malaga and the islandic volcano trying to keep us there.

The Norwegians got home after a 44-hour bus drive through Spain, France, Holland, Germany and Denmark and then 15 hour voyage from Copenhagen to Oslo. The Danes got away with the 44 hour bus drive and the Swede had an extra train and car trip too. But our poor Lithuanian had the WORST travel, both to and from:

TO: Plane from Vilnius to Copenhagen, rental car to Berlin, then Munic and then plane to Malaga - just in time for our delayed first game.

FROM: Train to Madrid first, then to Milan, got on a plane to Riga (I think) and then a 300 km drive back to Vilnius...

I guess we can pronounce the FLC winner of the "stuck-by-the-ash" trip to be Erika!

Here are some pictures from our "amazing" bus trip ;)

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