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TourPosted by Kate 17 Apr, 2010 11:59:22

It's a waiting game... Patience is the best skill for a Millennium paintballer at the moment!

We spend yesterday afternoon and evening waiting to play our 3 o'clock game. It got pushed back several times, because our opponent were playing a game on another field. Finally, when we were supposed to play, it was to dark on the Div 2 and Div 1 field, and we felt the conditions were unsafe to play in the floodlight. Result: God vs. Millennium - round 2: 3 - 0

This morning we were scheduled to play our 3 o'clock game at 7.30, but there was a blizzard. We just got a message from the Millennium, saying games will start right now. Pray the lightning won't strike us, cause it's right above us!

Pictures will come!

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