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Update from Malaga

TourPosted by Kate 15 Apr, 2010 21:46:00

Well, well, well - the Gods are conspiring against the European paintball community. The volcanic eruption on Iceland has delayed a lot of team - including our own Erika, who got stuck in Copenhagen, but finally met some fellow shipwrecked (Chilli Peppers) paintballers. They ended up renting a car, driving to Berlin and are flying tomorrow morning - fingers crossed!

And then we have the weather in Malaga... We feel we had a deja vĂș all day. The wind is sooooo strong making it impossible to put up the netting. We just left the field and only SPL and CPL field has their bunkers. But the kite surfers are having a blast!

We are playing London Relentless tomorrow at 14.50 - if they are here? And then we meet Dynimix Metz at 20.20. Hopefully, Erika will make it to our first game - her plane arrives at about one o'clock.

So, here are some picture's for all you good people. As you can see - at least the weather hasn't influenced our usual good spirit so far!

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