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Mette @ WCA 2009

TourPosted by Mette 03 Dec, 2009 08:31:56

Hey boys & girls! I'm bored at work, so I thought I'd give you a short resume of my trip to World Cup Asia in Kuala Lumpur a couple of weeks ago smiley

Unfortunately Charms didn't manage to put up a team for the WCA, but I was working in Singapore at the time, so I went over anyway. Kinda scary to there all by myself, but a fun experience.

I went over on friday evening after work, so I didn't arrive until late friday night. The guy that was supposed to pick me up at the airport didn't show (Shame on you) so I ended up in a taxi with a taxidriver that didn't speak english, and didn't know where the hotel was. Great start smiley

Anyway, I arrived at the hotel (An amazing hotel by the way) and went down to the lobby bar to see if could find any familiar faces. I didn't find anyone I knew, but paintballers aren't that hard to find, so I spent the rest of the night with Australian team High Rollerz, great guys and girls!

On Saturday I went to the site early. The WCA was supposed to be played on grass, but honestly, all that was left was mud smiley Guess the rain season isn't the best time for a paintball event on grass.

But anyway, I watched some games and hung around the site for a while. The London Shock guys showed up, unfortunately they didn't need me on the team after all. Oh well, more time to drink beer then smiley On Saturday night I went to a japanese resturant with the australians I met the day before, got some pictures from that night that ain't pretty smiley (just imagine a big australian guy in a man-kini. Nuff said)

On Sunday I went to the site again to watch the finals. Off course, I arrived to late to play the all-star-game (No one told me I was supposed to play until AFTER the game, haha)

I also sold my jersey that day, and thats kind of a funny story. I was in the pb-fashion tent, hanging out with Talie, Silvio and some other guys, who were selling pro jerseys (Like, Chris Lasoya and Ollie Langs jersey) Anyway, I sold my jersey for 500 ringdings (about 100 euros or something), and when one of the guys hear that, he just shouts "500 ringdings? Not even Ollie's jersey go for that much! I want a pair of tits too!" Gotta love it smiley

Well, after some more beers and a little swim in the hotel pool, we eventually made it to the players party. And that was a NICE party, I had so much fun. I love beeing a VIP smiley And the best part was, ladies drink for free! (Millennium board, you have something to learn here smiley)

To sum it up, the weekend turned out to be a lot more fun than I had expected, even though it would have been better if I had my girls there. Maybe next year smiley

Well, thats it for now, gotta do some work here smiley See ya!


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