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Back in pink!

NewsPosted by Kate 01 Feb, 2010 22:16:49

FL Charms is pleased to announce that Freddie Brockdorff, the Crazy Dane, is back in the pink uniform and will play for us in 2010!

"Not only did I miss being able to wear pink, but I also missed all of the girls terribly! SO happy to be back in the pink camp of female awesomeness!" Freddie says.

Welcome back, Freddie, we are thrilled to have you on the team again!

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2. place @ JT Challenge!

NewsPosted by Mette 13 May, 2009 10:44:29

We got 2. place in swedish tournament JT Challenge this weekend! smiley

It was such a great weekend smiley The girls playing were Cissi, Sofia, Elin, Maria, Mette and a hired gun, Marie. We started off 8.00, playing Bullitproof monkeys, we won 4-1, great start. Then we hung around at the site for several hours, before we played Pretorians, a game we won 3-2. Then we played Illussion, won 4-0, and we were in the finals!

In the semi-final we played Frenzy, won, and got to the final, facing Sugar Daddys. It was a tight race, and when there were 40 seconds left of the game the score was 3-2 to Sugar Daddys. We had to take that point, so all the girls ran down the field, and scored a point in 17 seconds! smiley That was so awesome! I hope someone got it on tape! Unfortunately, Sugar Daddys scored the last point, and won. Congratz boys! And thanks alot for the champagne! smiley

Thanks to everyone that made this weekend great, you know who you are smiley

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NewsPosted by Mette 06 May, 2009 22:35:00

To all our norwegian fans and supporters, we are now members of "grasrotandelen"

To support us, send an SMS, "grasrotandelen 984850476" to 2020 or register manually on www.norsk-tipping.no (requires login)

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Our new great guns!

NewsPosted by Mette 10 Apr, 2009 16:49:20

It's so nice and sweet! Can't wait to get one of these beauties in my arms smiley

Want one? Check out www.planeteclipse.com

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Mette is here!

NewsPosted by Mette 25 Mar, 2009 09:57:42

Hi, I'm Mette and new to the team this year. Looking forward to my first Millennium tournament in Malaga!
Counting down, 28 days to go... smiley

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